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Employee Ownership

Earn your retirement a day at a time.

As a 100% employee-owned company, our employees work every day to make smart investments in their future and the future of the company. When we deliver exceptional experiences for customers time and time again, we grow the business, increase its value and build wealth for our employees. It’s a simple formula that is good for employees, customers and community.

We understand that every good or bad experience a customer has with our company comes through our employees. To deliver an exceptional and consistent experience for customers, our leadership is committed to delivering an exceptional and consistent experience for employees. We believe our employees deserve:

  • Effective and respectable leaders.
  • A work culture or environment that empowers them to thrive.
  • To be compensated fairly, including wage, benefits and time off.
  • Competent coworkers to work alongside every day.
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We are committed to becoming world-class.

Our best employees embrace this challenge. They are insatiably curious, always learning and constantly improving.

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  • We invest significant resources in training our employees through mentoring, classes and online tools to empower them for success today and advancement tomorrow.

  • We recently launched an extensive online learning management system available to all employees.

  • We host regular vendor and other in-person product or skills training throughout the year.

  • Every employee who works in yard, install or manufacturing environments goes through a half-day of hands-on tool and safety training.

Franklin Building Supply is a company where owners invest their time and energy to build a career and build wealth. We’re large enough to offer ample advancement opportunities and small enough to not have a sterile, corporate feel. We’re local, 100% employee-owned and always looking for exceptional talent.


For full-time employees, hourly or salary, we offer a rich set benefits including:

  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • 401k and ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) retirement plans
  • Paid holidays including your birthday
  • Paid vacation (new hires start at 2 weeks/yr; after 5 yrs, it increases to 3 weeks/yr; after 10 yrs, it increases to 4 weeks/yr).
  • Optional disability and life insurance
  • Leadership
  • Safety
  • Product
  • Skills

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